What is “anxiety”?

Mental health awareness week 2024

I’ll be honest, I don’t really like these “awareness weeks”. I get why we have them. They are a useful reminder to talk about health and wellness topics, as well as political or social issues, and to highlight causes that we might not be aware of. I just get easily bored when my social media feed fills up with posts that all say the same thing.

The area of my job that I love the most is delving into client’s emotional and mental health, so it feels a bit short sighted not to use this opportunity to tell you all about it. As I reflected on a conversation from my clinic this week I realised that was the blog I needed to write. Why my thoughts on anxiety might be a little different to all the other posts written this week.

I have two questions for you:

☀️Do you suffer from anxiety?

☀️What is anxiety?

That might sound like a stupid question, but bear with me. If you suffer with anxiety you will think everyone knows what it is because they will feel like you. We all think anxiety means the same thing, but it doesn’t. It shows up differently in each unique individual.

Here are a few questions I might ask you as part of your consultation, if you tell me you struggle with anxiety:

  • Where in your body do you have anxious feelings?
  • What are the thoughts in your head that accompany your anxiety?
  • What effects do you experience on your body systems?

There can be so many different answers to these questions. If I let it pass you might just tell me you have “anxiety” and move on. I delve deeper and deeper until I have an idea of what is fuelling those anxious feelings. Then we can target treatment to that level, discuss why you might feel that way, and how to respond differently when similar situations arise in future. You will move from thinking you are “just wired this way” with these feelings being inevitable, to feeling empowered and in control of your emotions, so your anxiety will gradually become less significant.

We can look an any mental health “label” through the same treatment lens. That’s why it doesn’t matter to me if you’ve been given an official diagnosis or not. If your mental health is less resilient than you would like, we can apply the same questions to work out how to rebalance your emotions, mind and body to help you thrive.

🔥If you are going through any of life’s transitional phases: Puberty, menstruation, parenthood, peri-menopause, mid-life, retirement.

🌍And you are struggling with stress, anxiety, any other mental health or emotional issues.

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May 18, 2024