What are the similarities between acupuncture and decluttering?

Guest blog by Sheena Taylor, Your Professional Organiser

I met Sarah a few months ago and was instantly inspired by her passion for the treatments she provides her patients through the traditional art of acupuncture.  As she explained how her practice works, it became apparent that Sarah’s desire to reduce the anxieties and stresses of everyday life for others was like my approach when supporting my clients with decluttering and organising.  The similarities did not stop there, and I was surprised to discover how many things being an acupuncturist and an organiser have in common.

I’m Sheena Taylor, an eco-friendly professional organiser that helps busy women create a decluttered, easy-to-tidy home, so they have more time to spend however they want.  I strongly believe in overall mental wellbeing, and your home plays a huge part in this. I like to inspire my clients with the concept ‘Make Space for the Life You Want’ allowing them to move from a place of struggle, shame, and embarrassment to one of positivity and confidence in their ability to manage their home.  This takes a very delicate approach, and I spend a lot of time asking my clients questions to gain insights into how I can best support them.  Sarah uses a similar approach with her clients, asking questions about all areas of their lives, emotional and physical, to gather a deeper understanding of how she can help.  One of the things that I really admire about Sarah is that she is always reflecting on her practices and making efforts to reduce the environmental impact, which mirrors my own work ethics.

Acupuncture and decluttering might seem very different but there are surprisingly quite a few similarities.  At first glance, acupuncture involves the insertion of tiny needles into specific points on the body to promote healing and balance, while decluttering focuses around organising and simplifying the spaces in your home.  However, upon closer inspection, they share several things in common.  In this blog, we’ll delve into the similarities between these two practices and explore how both provide balance and wellbeing in your life.

Acupuncture is rooted in the belief that energy, or qi, flows through channels in the body.  Physical or emotional discomfort occurs when this energy becomes blocked or imbalanced.  Fine needles are inserted by acupuncturists into specific points in the body that stimulate the flow of qi, restoring the balance of energy and encouraging healing.

Similarly, the aim of decluttering is to restore balance in your home.  When your house is cluttered and disorganised, it creates a sense of chaos and hinders your ability to focus and relax.  Decluttering and organising your surroundings clear the energy blockages in your home, giving the space a feeling of flow and harmony.  When working with clients, there is often a common theme.  Once we have worked to create more harmonious spaces within their home, it tends to have an impact on other areas of their life.  Two of my clients went on to accept promotions in their careers several months after we worked together.  Similarly, the balance of energy achieved through acupuncture promotes changes in other aspects of the clients of Sarah.

Female sculpture with a balance scale

One of the things that acupuncture is renowned for is releasing tension and stress.  This allows the body to relax, which means that it can heal more effectively. During an acupuncture session, certain points in the body are targeted to help release tension, causing a more relaxed state.

Decluttering also has the incredible ability to reduce stress.  Having a clutter-free environment reduces visual and mental stimulation, promoting a calming atmosphere that can decrease stress and anxiety.  Clients of mine tell me how clutter in their home creates an overwhelming feeling of tension, and how once we have worked together to let go of items they no longer want, there is a sense of relief and release.  Just as acupuncture loosens tension in the body, decluttering reduces mental and emotional strain caused by a cluttered living space.

Both acupuncture and decluttering are linked to the mind-body connection.  Acupuncture uses the closely interwoven relationship between physical and emotional wellbeing to create balance within the body.  Once this is achieved, your emotions also tend to come to a state of equilibrium.  Through her acupuncture treatments, Sarah not only treats your physical symptoms, but also works with you to discover any emotional imbalances you may be having.  This similarity is found with decluttering, too.  Clearing clutter improves your physical environment, boosting your overall mental and emotional state.   

By addressing physical and energetic imbalances, acupuncture promotes emotional wellbeing.  Likewise, by tidying and organising your home, decluttering enhances your mental clarity and has a positive impact on your emotions.  In both cases, there is an understanding that the state of the body or environment can have an overwhelming effect on your overall sense of wellness.  Both Sarah and I receive feedback from our clients that life simply feels better after our services.

Woman outside in the sunset, looking free and relaxed.

Acupuncture and decluttering both take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.  They consider not only the immediate symptoms or issues but also look at the underlying causes.  Acupuncture seeks to address the root causes of health problems by restoring balance to the body’s energy system both physically and emotionally.  Sarah spends a great deal of time with her clients, digging deeper into why things have reached a certain point, and finding the best solution for each person.  Decluttering also tackles the root causes of the disorganisation and chaos in your home by addressing life-long beliefs, habits and thought patterns.  With every client that I work with, there are always reasons, discovered through the curiosity of questioning, behind the accumulation of clutter. Once these are addressed, it allows my clients the freedom to let go of items that are no longer serving them.

While acupuncture and decluttering may appear to be worlds apart on the surface, they share some amazing similarities in their practices of creating balance and positive mental health.  Both processes understand the importance of energy flow, reducing stress in our lives, the mind-body connection, and a holistic approach to health and harmony. 

Have you regained balance and taken back control of your health working with Sarah? Would you like to achieve the same success in your home? 

Whether you choose to embrace the ancient art of acupuncture with Sarah or embark on a decluttering journey in your home with me, you’ll be taking steps towards achieving a more balanced and peaceful life.  If you are seeking to live more harmoniously with yourself and your environment, acupuncture and decluttering will support you towards achieving your goals.

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October 5, 2023